Getting rid of Current Freelancing Troubles with Defilancer ?

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Problems with Current Freelance Sites

Upwork is one of the renowned companies in the freelance space, and until recently, a freelancer loses about 10% of the amount paid by the client to the website. It requires the freelancer to pay the site 20% on the first $500 earned, 10% on $501-$9,999 and 5% on $10, 000 and above. The catch in this structure is that the fees are charged on a per-client basis. For instance, logo maker deals with several clients on a daily basis, which means they will be charged 20% on their earnings quite often.
In other words, about one-fifth of their earnings will be lost to fees.

Besides above-discussed issues, the freelance market is faced with another major challenge regarding identity theft. Hiring people on the freelance websites exposes the participants to the risk of identity theft especially if their private user information is accessible. Freelancers stand at a greater risk of identity theft than the other participants in this arrangement. For instance, a malicious individual may steal John’s identity information. Rish is a qualified accountant with an incredible rating on the freelance website. The malicious individual then goes ahead to request for work charging $100 per hour. While the malicious person may benefit from this move, the integrity of the person whose identity is being wrongly used could be compromised

We believe that there is a superior way to solve these freelancing issues with the power of blockchain. Through Defilancer, we envision to create a superior way of engaging in the booming freelance economy

We are a passionate team of people aiming to make freelancing more accessible and secure to the masses. Defilancer will be an Escrow based freelancing platform that will allow fair settlement of disputes to be conducted and protect payments in an event of project promises not being met.

Reflecting on some of the problems faced by existing traditional freelancing platforms, we look at tackling them
in the following ways.

No Suspension of User Accounts

Fair Dispute Settlements Secure Payments

Elimination of Fake Reviews

Unbiased Dispute Resolution

Less Transaction Fee- 0%

20 + Cryptocurrencies Accepted

Identity Theft Elimination

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